During his initial years as a professional in the HR sector, he held the positions of Manager and Business Director at several companies before joining Riba Nogués Executive Search in 1999. There he was in charge of the entire HR division and developed executive search projects as a senior consultant.

In 2004, after a short time at the direct executive search multinational Alexander Hughes, he joined the consulting firm that specialises in the recruitment and headhunting of executives and directors, Business People Research, as a Managing Partner. In 2005 he redesigned the company and redefined its services to create the brand Pla&Associats, with a clear ambition to offer integral solutions for the development of individuals and organisations.

From a passionate view of the world of organisations, he implemented a new working method based on understanding the complexities and relationships between individuals, organisational structures and their processes. This new method defines the essence, the way of understanding and working, as individuals and as a team, of the group of people he leads and who make up Pla&Associats.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Advanced Management of Human Resources from ESADE and graduated in Commercial Management and Marketing from Fundación EMI. He also holds a diploma in Negotiating from the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Organisational Development from GR Institute for Organisational Development in Tel Aviv (Israel). In addition to all of the above, he has undertaken broad training in business organisation and communication and is a Member of the Board of Directors at several companies.


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