In 1982, while in the fourth year of a Telecommunications Engineering degree, he was recruited by IOR Consultores de Organización and, since then, has fully devoted himself to consulting.

After spending his initial years in the field involved with technological consulting, he started to gradually shift to consulting for processes. He is a graduate of Technical Industrial Engineering.

Throughout his career he has continued to acquire knowledge from other fields related to business management: management, economics, law, human resources… all the while striving to understand the complexity of the organisations for which he is an advisor.

In 1996 he jumped to management and started to lead the Consulting Division at ASSEDEM, a service provider company based in Barcelona.

Thanks to the experience gained in this role, he became Managing Director at Riba Nogués in 2003, where he was also a majority shareholder and with whom he was already working from the same foundation.

Always combining work as a consultant with activity as a business person, he has been a Member of the Board at several companies and national and international institutions. As the Director of the Organisation and Processes division at Pla&Associats, he assumes the challenge of establishing the consulting activity of the company and making it one of its main pillars.


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