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what we do

What we do

We work passionately with the most important asset of companies: their workpeople.

We select top and mid-level executives and develop the talent of your professionals through training and management coaching. We implement improvements to the structure and processes of companies to make them more competitive. We provide support for strategic decision making, advising and for executives and directors. 

We operate in 5 categories, where you will find highly personalised, top-quality solutions. Get to know us… and you will feel right at home.

Who we are

We are consultants by vocation and we devote ourselves to you.

We are consultants by vocation and we have been providing value-adding solutions to our clients since 1985. Our clients are our one and only raison d’être, and they have allowed us to grow and participate in a vast array of projects.

Established in 1985 as Business People Research, we specialise in the discovery and recruitment of mid and top-level management. We were one of the first firms to offer headhunting services in Barcelona and we have worked with sectors as diverse as public administration, chemical companies, the service sector and family-run businesses.

Little by little, our conscientious service, our involvement and our approachability have positioned us as top strategic consultants, and as experts in attracting and developing talent. This allowed us to take a step forward in 1997, when we diversified our services by adding training and human resources development.

Our desire to continually improve led us, in 2001, to implement the methods and techniques of organisational consulting into the human resources recruitment and development side of our firm. This allows us to analyse and understand the context in which professionals need to be placed in a unique way, according to a much more systematic and effective style.

In 2005, consulting for organisational changes was added to our services to provide solutions and support during the redefinition of organisational models, which were starting to become increasingly dynamic. Our multiple services were then integrated under the current brand, Pla&Associats.

In 2013 we defined and consolidated our new vision as a comprehensive consulting firm for Organisation and Human Resources and structured our services into five divisions: Executive Search and Recruitment of Human Resources division; Training and Talent Development division; Organisational and Processes Consulting division; Family-Run Businesses division; and Executive Coaching division.

We are proud of the journey we have undertaken and we are satisfied with the way we did it, we also remain thankful to those who have always supported us – our clients.

Today, we continue to innovate and learn, and we keep striving to improve the way we work.
Because we like to operate this way; we like being this way.

Mission, Vision and Values

Many satisfied companies and candidates endorse our consulting style.

  • Communication: we listen to your requirements and objectives.
  • Knowledge: we study your company, sector, human resources, etc., in order to better understand what it is you need.
  • Credibility: we give you an honest professional opinion: ours. And we provide you with personalised solutions based on our experience and knowledge.
  • Trust: we help you make necessary decisions and we stick with you through their implementation.
  • Commitment: we experience the realities of your business as if they were our own, and we are at your disposal whenever you need us.

This way of working is summed up by our Mission Statement, Vision and Values..

What we do

“We work with honesty to help our clients to strengthen their businesses and projects with human resources and organisational policies that allow them to reach the objectives they have set for themselves. We work according to their values and characteristics, today and in the future.”


“To provide our clients with solutions and support the evolution of their businesses and projects with our hard work and knowledge. We want to share our success through mutual respect and teamwork.”


Effort:: we do everything that is required of us so that we can deliver on our commitments.
Involvement:: we don’t work for our clients and candidates – we work with them.
Honesty:: we always say what we think, for the benefit of everyone.
Trust:: we establish loyal relationships with individuals and organisations.
Adaptation:: we learn about our clients in order to better understand their needs.
Empathy:: we share the projects of the people with whom we work
Credibility:: we provide customised solutions for each case.
Credibilidad: we believe that only a job well done earns respect.

How we work

High-value personalised advice, with long-term vision.

Since 1985, Pla&Associats has maintained the same enthusiasm to support the decisions of our clients that we had on day one. We provide intervention consulting and we work alongside our clients to implement all the solutions that we design.

We know how to analyse, diagnose and anticipate… and we are experts at achieving results. We only know one way of working: by telling you, very clearly, what we think. Only in this way are we able to act as your advisors, only in this way are we able to be part of the solution.

We build long-term relationships that allow us to understand your business and help you drive it forward, working the only way we know how: well.

Our secret is that we devote our time to you.


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